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The Serene Wax Experience

With a passion for the beach, an obsession with the Caribbean, and a dream of one day living on her own island of pink sand it's no wonder "Zen" is a common word used to describe Tee.


Tee is a celebrity manicurist and wax technician. She has a book of loyal clients at her New York City location as well as VIP clients for "En Suite" service.  Using the "Beautiful Waxing" technique your service will feel much less painful and quicker than you expected.


"I believe with a relaxing atmosphere, caring technique, and a little bit of therapy", Tee says, "you can have a great service.  Even if it's not supposed to be the most pleasant service. Don't worry, I'll take good care of you."

Some Reviews:


Tova M.

"Tee is a really wonderful person and has a great little business. I am new to Jersey City and saw her sign out front and thought I'd give her waxing boutique a try. She has an amazing offer, which is 1/2 price off your first wax and the session itself was as painless as waxing can be. She uses really great wax, strips and takes her time with her clients. You can tell she takes pride in her business and her passion for waxing. I highly recommend and would definitely go back! "


Elizabeth C.

"Just had my first Brazilian exp! And let me tell you I was pleasantly surprised! She was awesome and made me feel so comfortable. She explained everything to me and kept conversation following so easily to distract me from what was really going on. I truly must thank her for that! I am all ready for my trip to FL. Thanks !!!"

Aabaha L.

"Tee has a wonderful waxing place..I loved the ocean oasis... she did not appear rushed, took her time and made me comfortable during the service... finally found  a waxing place i can recommend in JC... cant wait to see you next time Tee!"

Lana L.

"I LOVE Tee! Waxing is never pleasant but with her it's always fast, precise and as painless as it can get because the wax she uses is amazing! It's always a good experience going to her because not only is she great at what she does she's also a very cool person. I've been to many different waxers and can say without a doubt she's been the best!"

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