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Pre Tan

  • In order for the spray tan to adhere at it's best and last as long as possible we suggest you exfoliate your skin before you are spray tanned. DO NOT over exfoliate and cause irritation. 

  • Do not apply lotions, oils, or deodorants within 24 hours of being spray tanned.  This will cause streaks and your spray tan will not last as long.

  • If you are going to be spray tanned for a special occasion it is suggested that you do a trial spray tan first to be certain that you love the service and receive the tone you are looking for.

  • Choose garments that you don't mind getting a little tanner on to receive your service in. Please do not wear your "La Perla" for this service.  We are not responsible for any staining caused by the spray tan service. We also offer disposable garments for a small fee.

Post Tan

  • Wear very loose fitting clothes after your service. You don't want tight fitting clothes rubbing on your fresh tan causing discoloration.

  • DO NOT SHOWER for 10 hours (Don't worry, you'll be okay if you've showered the day of/before). Your spray tan is still fresh and adhering to your skin. You don't want it to wash off.

  • AVOID exfoliating for at least 5 days. Your tan should last up to 7 days. Exfoliating spray tanned skin will quickly rub the coloring away.

  • AVOID overuse of soap and bodywash. These products are meant to other words will wash away temporary coloring. 

  • Moisturize and keep skin parched but do not use excessively within 3 days of tan. 


  • Payment is generally made at the end of your service.  We accept cash and credit/debit cards. 

  • Gratuity is not mandatory only appreciated. We also really appreciate your Yelp, Google, social media reviews, and referrals (Receive a $5 credit per referral!).

Booking/Cancellation Policy

  • The studio is "By Appointment Only".  It is best to create your appointment at least 48 hours ahead of time however feel free to call to see if there is availability for a same day appointment.  We do accept same day appointments.

  • Cancellations . We understand that life happens and you may have to cancel your appointment on occasion. We ask that you cancel with at least 24 hours notice if possible so that we may be able to give another client the opportunity to take the reservation.

  • After two "No Shows" you will be required to pay for your service at the time of booking.

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