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The Suite Tee Beauty Forever Brow Sticks are reusable stainless steel wax sticks for facial waxing that were born from a combination of the guilt I felt everytime I threw away another wax stick and speaking with so many new professionals looking to improve their brow waxes.


I created this professional brow waxing tool for estheticians, cosmetologists, manicurists, and make up artists and comes in a set of 5 which all you need for 1 brow service. With its beautiful packaging, it also makes a great gift to other professionals.


It is designed to give brow artists the opportunity to perfectly carve out their brow design without difficulty, and to be able to clean and sanitize them. 


Why "My Forever Brow Sticks" are different: I tried a few other reusable options and they just didn't cut it. Mostly due to the shape. I needed something sleek and with my background working with high end clients, I wanted it to feel like a luxury item.

My Forever Brow Sticks

  • Place sticks in hot water for 1 minute, wipe clean, and sanitize like other tools of the trade. 

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