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Pre Wax

  • Hair should be approximately 1/4 inch ( the length of a grain of rice). This is especially important for the first post shave wax.

  • Hair should not be too long.  Longer hair will cause more discomfort during service. Trimming in studio is an added fee.

  • NO MORE SHAVING! Wait at least 10 to 14 days after your last shave to be waxed for best results.

  • If your first wax is for a special event, we suggest getting waxed twice before your event. This will ensure that you are happy with the service and your skin is happy too!

  • Your body will be more sensitive to hair removal during the first and last 48 hours of our menstrual cycle but the service can still be done.

  • Do not use any lotions or oils on the area before your service.


Post Wax

  • You should wait at least 3 hours after service to shower. Do not make water very hot.

  • Excessive sweating should be avoided within 24 hours of waxing.

  • It is a good idea to exfoliate once or twice per week to prevent ingrown hairs.

  • Waxing exfoliates the skin so therefore should not be exfoliated immediately after waxing.

  • Wait at least two hours after waxing before using deodorant products.


  • Payment is generally made at the end of your service.  We accept cash and credit/debit cards.  

  • Gratuity is not mandatory only appreciated. We also really appreciate your Yelp, social media reviews, and referrals (Receive a $5 credit per referral!) .


Booking/Cancellation Policy

  • It is best to create your appointment at least 48 hours ahead of time however feel free to call to see if there is availability for a same day appointment. 

  • Cancellations . We understand that life happens and you may have to cancel your appointment on occasion. We ask that you cancel with at least 24 hours whenever possible so that I may be able to give another client the opportunity to take the reservation.

  • No shows are very frustrating for professionals.  It means another client may not get the reservation they preferred.  After a "No Show" you will be required to pay a non-refundable booking fee at the time of booking. The fee will go towards your service.

  • All cancellations within 4 hours of service and "No Shows" forfeit all discounts, gift certificates, deals, etc. associated with the booked service.


Owners Message

"As a professional it is my goal to offer you the best wax service possible therefore I make sure the environment is clean and safe.  I use the best quality products to minimize discomfort in your services, I also try to create a calm and soothing atmosphere.  I respect my clients and look forward to having them return and appreciate their referrals. 

I also expect my clients to respect my profession.  Please avoid coming in for service if you know you have not showered/bathed within the last 24 hours (Yes, it is fine to come in after the gym if you have bathed within a 24 hour period).

It is a possible that you or I will be a few minutes late but if you will be more than 5 minutes late please contact me as a courtesy.


As the operator I have the right to deny services to anyone as I see fit for reasons including unsanitary conditions, obvious dermal issues, severe lateness, rude behavior, intoxication, or any form of abuse to myself or my business.  Thank You."





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